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Bridget Hermer, DEI Training, Intercultural Comptence

Bridget Hermer leads Equity Insight Group by offering interactive, thought-provoking workshops designed to help your organization do their best work, together! Giving you real tools to navigate a complex world.


An engaging facilitator/licensed educator and master communicator with over 25 years of experience in the classroom, the non-profit boardroom and extensive global experience, Bridget creatively guides individuals and groups through thoughtful and impactful conversations regarding Cultural Competency, Race, Equity and Belonging.  Bridget is certified as a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory, (IDI).


 Bridget's many roles include;  Strategic Planning Facilitator, Cultural Competency Coach, International Non-profit Founder, Medical Mission Leader and Prison Choir Director.

Bridget Hermer

Amy Coughlan, DEI Training, Intercultural Comptency

"Amy Coughlan is a passionate and dedicated Equity Insight Group diversity trainer with a strong teaching background. She is committed to promoting understanding and acceptance of individuals from varied backgrounds and cultures. 


As the daughter of an Egyptian immigrant, Amy has a personal connection to this work. An advocate for equity and inclusion in all aspects of life, she strives to cultivate environments where a person can embrace their unique cultural background. Amy celebrates cultural diversity while fostering a sense of belonging. 


Amy’s experience includes curriculum design and training sessions that promote diversity, equity and inclusion. Amy is adept at creating space for vulnerable and open dialogue, while fostering empathy and respect among learners. She creates a sense of community based on common goals and mutual understanding. 


While often perceived as an extrovert, Amy enjoys nature where she can engage in quiet reflection."

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