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We create compassionate space for important conversations

to develop welcoming organizations and communities

Equity Insight Group offers interactive and engaging workshops exploring themes of equity, diversity and belonging.  We move your organization to become more culturally responsive, inclusive and equity minded so that everyone thrives!

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At Equity Insight Group we  recognize that everyone comes to this work from various perspectives and backgrounds. We welcome people on all stages of their  journey and provide steps to empower them to take action, no matter how small. 


Hello 2021!

Looking Forward...

  • Covid 19 ... Now is the time to intentionally move our organizations towards a more inclusive and enlightened reality.

  • Racial Justice Issues around the planet are demanding to be heard and acted upon. How we respond will shape our communities for future generations.

How can we help you actively pursue justice, compassion and understanding to create a better world for everyone?

Equity Insight is certified to provide PELSB Approved Cultural Competency Training for MN Educator Licensure

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