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We create compassionate space for important conversations

to develop welcoming, interculturally competent, agile, equitable organizations and communities.

Equity Insight Group helps diverse organizations obtain the necessary skills to navigate and succeed in a complex, multicultural, globalized world. We provide customized solutions to a wide range of organizations, including strategic insights, internationally validated assessments, training, coaching and ongoing support. We deliver tangible improvements in intercultural effectiveness.

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At Equity Insight Group we  recognize that everyone comes to this work from various perspectives and backgrounds. We welcome people on all stages of their  journey and provide steps to empower them to take action, no matter how small. 


Intercultural competency is essential for success in a globalized world.

  • Encourages diverse perspectives for unique insights, enhanced problem solving skills leading to innovative solutions to complex challenges.

  • Improved employee and customer satisfaction and enhanced organization's reputation, attracting and retaining top tier talent, customers and business partners. 

  • Enhances understanding and respect, reducing the cost of rework, delays, legal issues.

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Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory®


Equity Insight is certified to provide PELSB Approved Cultural Competency Training for MN Educator Licensure

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