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We create compassionate space for important conversations
to develop welcoming, interculturally competent, equitable organizations and communities.

Equity Insight Group helps organizations navigate and succeed in today's complex world. We provide customized solutions and deliver tangible improvements in intercultural effectiveness by focussing on empathy and community building. We offer internationally validated assessments, training, coaching and ongoing support.

Most people will tell you that they believe in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, but they don't know how to transition from good intentions to implementation. Our people at Equity Insight Group will help you build the skills so you can thrive!

Intercultural competency is essential for success in a globalized world. Here's why:


  • Innovation, Creativity and Decision Making:: A diverse workforce brings different perspectives, leading to more innovative ideas and smarter decisions.

  • Talent Acquisition, Engagement and Retention: Inclusive workplaces attract and retain top talent.

  • Global Citizenship Understanding diverse cultures helps people create communities where all are valued.

  • Risk Management: Proactive DEI efforts mitigate legal and reputation risks.

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Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory®
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Equity Insight is certified to provide PELSB Approved Cultural Competency Training for MN Educator Licensure

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